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How do you feel your treatment went?

December 06, 2017

Jordi has helped me to achieve a remarkable transformation through a careful and consultative approach, introducing new nutritional ideas into my lifestyle.

Lifestyle was clearly a major factor for the symptoms that I had when I first approached Jordi -  exhaustion, mood swings, anxiety... My life was fully dedicated to my two jobs, I did not rest enough and did not have a good diet.

Jordi's approach is very sensitive and comes from experience, study and a natural empathy - wanting to help others through subtle, yet, profound nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Jordi listens incredibly well and asks questions which give you new avenues to explore and which prove to be beneficial and life-enhancing.

I feel so much gratitude. I have been lucky to be coached by Jordi and experience such big changes in my overall wellbeing.

Every house needs a Jordi to consult.


Dani Sánchez


August 16, 2017

Jordi has been helping me lose weight over the past few months, and I have lost around 30lbs. It has been the easiest 30lbs I have ever lost. He varies my eating plan each week, so it's never boring, and haven't felt hungry or deprived. I can't thank Jordi enough for everything he's done.


Harriette Disdale

Experienced and qualified bookkeeper, owner of Cloud Bookkeeping Wokingham

July 31, 2017

Jordi has visited Wokingham Library on two occasions to put on workshops on the themes of being overweight and obese and also on understanding stress and anxiety and how good nutrition can help us to lead more healthy lives. He gave two great presentations and explained his views very clearly. The audience were very interested in the workshops and had lots of questions for him. I can thoroughly recommend him as a speaker and he had  great empathy with the audience, everyone found his comments very helpful for their own particular situations.



Heather Dyson 
Adult Outreach Development Officer
Community Services
Wokingham Borough Council 

January 23, 2017

"I always used to think that I was eating very healthy. I avoided sugar, processed foods, fatty foods, I controlled my portions and I exercised regularly. Nevertheless, I couldn’t shift the last few kilos I wanted to lose. When I described my situation to Jordi, he gave me a few tips and advice that not only changed the way I now eat, it also made me lose those stubborn kilos in a very short time. The best thing is, I’m never hungry and the advice I received was so easy to incorporate into my way of eating, that I now apply it on a daily basis. I feel great and it’s all thanks to Jordi’s knowledge. I can’t recommend him enough. Thanks Jordi!"

Nadine Hartley

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