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Auriculotherapy is a procedure that stimulates points of the external ear which then affects other parts of the body. It is practiced to alleviate several health conditions.

Originally this method was based upon the ancient Chinese practices of acupuncture and it was first developed in France by Dr. Paul Nogier between 1954 and 1956 when he created the first detailed map of the points on the ear. And it was he who developed auriculotherapy as we know it nowadays.

How does it work?


It is based on the idea that the ear is a

complete representation of the body.

Each point of stimulus in the ear is

associated with a particular organ or part

of the body and its stimulation by a

needle or ball regulates its function.

Each point and their combination will

have a different effect on our health.

The needle or ball will be left on your ear

for a period of time.


Does it hurt?


It is not a painful procedure.

Although, when the point it is

stimulated, it can be a bit uncomfortable



Is it safe?


It is a very safe technique and it has no adverse reactions or problems in combination with other medical treatments.


It is very important to carry out a comprehensive clinical history in the first visit in order to establish a good treatment plan.


What does it treat?


Auriculotherapy can help to treat and alleviate several conditions such as:


Neuromusculoskeletal conditions: Arthritis, neuralgias, dizziness, muscular pain

Emotional and psychological disorders such as: Depression, insomnia, stress and anxiety.


Circulatory disorders: Hypertension, anaemia

Addictions to alcohol, nicotine and other drugs

Respiratory disorders: Sinusitis, asthma, allergies, bronchitis

Gastrointestinal problems: Ulcers, chronic diarrhoea, constipation, indigestion, gastritis

Gynaecological disorders



It is a great technique to combine with other therapies. And a very good alternative for those who cannot have acupuncture due to phobia of needles or other reasons.


What can I expect on the first visit?


Auriculotherapy is a holistic approach to the person. It is essential to carry out a comprehensive clinical history. You may be asked questions about your sleeping  habits, tolerance to dampness, cold or heat, dietary habits. Examination of the tongue and pulse... As odd as it can seem it is very important in order to establish a diagnosis and design a personalized therapeutic plan.


The first visit will take about 60 minutes and you will have your first treatment done.  It may take a few visits to see improvement in your problem. The combination of the needles and balls will be reassessed and replaced weekly. That is why it is very important to establish a regular plan of visits with your therapist to fulfil your needs.




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