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Massage therapy has been

practiced since the

beginning of times.

One of the first texts that

used the word massage

comes from ancient

Mesopotamia. They called

it Mushu'u and proves

that the ancient Sumerians

use to practice massage

4000 years ago.

It is a therapy provided without the use of appliances and with knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body. It consists of different types of                                                                 manoeuvres ranging from rubbing, kneading,

                                                        mobilization, stretching, vibration, pressure ... 

                                                        and which purpose is to relax the muscles.

                                                        Its philosophy coincides with Holistic Natural


                                                         Often creams and oils are used not to irritate the                                                          skin. It is a good opportunity to add essential oils and combine the benefits of massage and aromatherapy.


Research keeps proving the benefits of massage therapy. It helps to treat chronic diseases, injuries and alleviates the stress and tension of modern lifestyle.



Some of the benefits of massage:


Increase the blood flow in skin improving skin health.

Improve circulation of fluids pumping nutrients into tissues.

Boost immunity by stimulating lymph flow.

Release endorphins; our natural painkillers, reducing dependence in medication.

Treat tissue adhesions, spasms and cramping.

Treat weak and atrophied muscles.

Increase joint flexibility

Relax tired and overused muscles

Reduces and treats general muscles pain such as:

Cervical, low back, shoulder pain ...
In sport it is very important for pre-competition or training and  post-workout recovery
Because its great relaxing effects it releases stress, exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety and nervousness

When not to have massage therapy?


Acute inflammation
Infectious diseases of the skin
Other types of infections
Thrombosis and phlebitis
Open wounds
Severe bleeding disorders
Fractures or cracks
Some kind of  cancers (To have massage only with medical indication)
Acute phase in autoimmune diseases
Muscle and tendon rupture in the acute phase.


Does it hurt?


A Massage can be painful

depending on the intensity that

it is applied and the condition

being treated. Each person has a

different pain threshold. I always

adapt my therapy to this

threshold in order to cause the

minimal discomfort and make

the massage as relaxing and

enjoyable as possible.

Most people experience it as a

very pleasant experience.


 It is safe?


It is a very safe therapy that does not involve medication or substances that may have adverse reactions or interactions with other medical treatments.

There are certain health conditions that I must be informed about before. That why it is so important to elaborate a case history on the first visit.


What I can expect in the first visit?


It is essential to elaborate a case history to establish a good valuation and identify possible contraindications.


The first visit will take about 60 minutes including the Massage.


What can I expect on the first visit?


It is essential to elaborate a case history in order to elaborate a personalized therapeutic plan.


The first visit will take about 60 minutes and you will have your first treatment done. 


The benefits of frequent visits


Having a massage frequently can achieve all this benefits and help you keep the results in order to keep your health and wellness. That is why it is very important to establish a treatment schedule in order to meet your needs.



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